Together; Artists Sharing a Vision

TOGETHER: Artists Sharing a Vision
Show dates:
Wednesday, October 18 – Friday, November 17
Saturday, October 28 from 5-7pm
Friday, October 13 from 1-7pm and Saturday, October 14 from 10am-1pm *this show ONLY
Artwork pickup:
Friday, November 17 from 1-5pm &
Saturday, November 18 from 10am-1pm

Curated by: Jim Aberle & Frank Parisi


The excitement and joy of creating an artwork is expanded with the “Together: Artists Sharing a Vision” show. The blending of ideas and medias from different artists lends itself to some very expressive and wonderful art. The Together show will encourage two or more artists to collaborate together to express a shared idea or vision.  Artists collaborating can (A) work together on a single work or (B) for artists to submit artwork that interact in some way between the artists collaboration. An artists collaborative may also interpret the work of the other artist in a different medium or style.

Artwork maybe created in any mediums and dimension is welcome for the show including but not limited to watercolor, drawing, painting, pottery, sculpture, glasswork, digital art, pen and ink, photography, multimedia, poetry and creative writing.

So get together with a friend or two to blend your creative energy and talents for outstanding art that adds your visions to the world we see in “Together: Artists Sharing a Vision”.

Conditions and Artist Instructions:

-Open to all artists age 12 and over.

-All works entered must be original creations by the artist and not previously exhibited at BelmarArts.

-A maximum of three pieces may be submitted from each duo or group.

-BelmarArts reserves the right to decline work that does not meet the criteria outlined.

-Please elect ONE artist from your group to be the main contact. List ALL artists collaborating for each entry on a single entry form. You may work with different groups on separate pieces but separate entry forms/fees will apply. (ex. Sam and Dave working together on two pieces = 1 entry form, Sam and Mary working together on one piece = separate form)

-Show entry fees are non-refundable.

$20 member*/$25 nonmember for 1 entry – $30 member*/$35nonmember for 2 entries – $40 member*/$45 nonmember for 3 entries

*at least ONE artist of each group MUST be a member to use the member rate for entry
(ex. Sam and Dave collaborate on all 3 pieces and  Sam is a  member fee= $40)

Membership may be purchased or renewed at intake.

  • All artwork must meet the theme, be ready to display and must include all display hardware, pedestals,  or armature with clear installation instructions.
  • Two-dimensional work will hang against walls. Hanging hardware must be supplied by artist. No screws or bolts for hanging are allowed. Art work MUST be properly wired; no saw tooth hangers, cleats, string or tape are permitted. All unframed canvases MUST have finished edges (painted or wrapped).
  • Maximum size of two-dimensional work is 48” in any direction.
  • A 25 lb. maximum weight for work intended to be hung on the walls including hardware and/or armature.
  • Three-dimensional work will be freestanding or displayed on pedestals. Artist must supply pedestals, mannequins or armatures.
  • All three dimensional work is limited to a weight of 60 pounds or less.
  • Work that is not appropriately wired for hanging or is outside the size limit will not be installed.
  • Work must be hand-delivered to the Belmar Arts. Belmar Arts is not equipped to receive or return parcels sent by mail or delivery service.

Questions? please email

Art sold is subject to a 30% commission fee for members and 40% for non members. If not for sale, use NFS on entry form. Sales tax will be added to the price of work sold.  Remittance of NJ Sales Tax will be handled by BelmarArts. All artists with sales commissions of $600 or more per calendar year are required to furnish their SS# or Tax ID# to BelmarArts. A 1099-MISC for taxable income will be issued by BelmarArts for sales commissions of $600 or higher. Commissions are paid at the close of the show and buyers will pickup purchased work after the show is completed. Please elect ONE artist per entry to receive the commission if work is sold.

Liability disclaimer:
BelmarArts will make every effort to treat your artwork with care. However, work is submitted at the artist’s risk. BelmarArts and the Art Show Committee will not be held liable for lost or damaged work. Artists are responsible for insuring their work from delivery to pick-up.

Media/Press Release:
BelmarArts reserves the right to use digital images of accepted and exhibited artworks for the sole purpose of promotion of this exhibit on social media, website & advertising.

Late Pick-up Penalty:

All work must be picked up Saturday, November 18 by 1pm. A $1/day fee will be charged per piece left after the time of pickup. If you cannot pick up your work during the advertised time, you must arrange for a friend to pick it up. Work left beyond two weeks after the advertised pick-up date will be considered abandoned. Abandoned work will become the property of the BelmarArts and will be sold to benefit BelmarArts.