Winter Solstice Artisan Market

Market Dates: Friday, November 24 – Friday, January 12
Gallery hours are: Wednesday-Saturday 1-5pm. Market is also open during all events.
Curated by Julie Kiss of Designs with Juls


Featured this year:
Fused Glass Art by Designs with Juls
Scrumptious Scrubs Handmade Soaps
Creative Pottery by Serendipity Studios
Copper Jewelry & Folk Art by Angie M.
Chainmaille Jewlery by Mystic Sky Designs
Silverwork by Petal & Stone
Artistic Accessories by Donna M.
Mixed Media Jewelry by Arbee2Designs
Fine Art Photography by Frank P.
Artistic Woodcrafts by Key Lime Pie Designs
Raku Pottery by Belmar Studios
Glass Tile Art Pendants by Infinity Designs Co.
Fiber Art and Collage by That’s Sew Fabulous!
Delicious Treats by Sweet!
Origami Art by The Space Waraku
Photography by Jerry
Handcrafted Baskets by Mary May
Fine Art by Betsy Heffron
Many published works by BAC members too!

All spaces are now reservedplease email us to be placed on the wait list

• This popular show is conducted as a co-op market. We are seeking artisans with a professional presentation of their works. We provide draped tables and assign 2 or 4 foot tabletop spaces to each accepted artist. We also have (2) wall only spaces for small works. Accepted artists must install their own displays but are not required to gallery sit. We run print and social media advertising, collect and remit all sales tax and provide shopping bags and gift wrap for each sale.
• All items must be hand created by you (not just assembled). Wood crafts, leather goods, home décor, affordable prints/paintings, wearable art are just some suggested types of art we are seeking. Artists using a unique media, have a professional presentation and attractive displays are given preference.
All items must be unique, one of a kind, originals, we will not accept assembled “kits” or wholesale items of any type.
there is no theme for this show but Holiday gift items are popular & encouraged.

PLEASE NOTE: A non-refundable application fee of $15 is due at time of online submission. There will be NO onsite applications and acceptance is NOT guaranteed (even if you have previously participated).
• Applications are reviewed by submission date, so please submit your application and payment early! Artists will be selected by our show committee and are limited in each type of craft and/or media.  All accepted artists MUST be current Belmar Arts members. Artists will be notified of their acceptance no later than Friday, November 10. Install will take place November 19 – 22 by appointment.

  •  Digital photos of your work and display must be submitted along with your online application. You MUST submit a closeup of your work, a group of items and a sample of your display (in a booth, shop, etc.)

Digital Image Specifications and Submission:
All artists must submit a digital images as follows: display, group shot of items, at least one close up of items. This is to ensure that the show standards and quality is being met.
Please save the files as jpeg type files. Each photo should be labeled in the following manner listed below before uploading to your application form:
1_Last Name_First Name_Display.jpeg
2_Last Name_First Name_Group of Items.jpeg
3_Last Name_First Name_Close Up of Item.jpeg.

  • Exhibit spaces and commission fees are listed below for your reference ONLY.
    All fees are non-refundable.

    Exhibit space fees: (Please do not submit your exhibit space fee until requested)
    -2ft.deep x 2ft.across* = $30 members
    -2ft deep. x 4ft. across = $50 members
    * wall spaces 2 ft. wide by 6ft. tall

General info for accepted artists:
-Draped (black) tables are provided but you may bring accent coverings to define your space.
-Some areas have wall or window space available and you must provide your own shelving, risers or racks.
-There is no large wall art permitted behind any table space in the front Gallery. Lightweight items only (5 lbs or less) may be hung on walls, please check with us at installation.
-Any hanging work must be wired and be less than 20″ in any direction.
– All items must be clearly tagged with your assigned number and price. Price should be visible on wall hung items.
-Inventory may be replenished or changed during the exhibit by appointment only

• You will receive an invoice to pay your exhibit fee online. Spaces will be reserved for each artist according to date payment was received.
• Upon receipt of the exhibit fee you will receive an Artist Identification Number that are specific to your items. Returning artists will be assigned the same number. When delivering your items, they must be securely tagged with the selling price, ID number and an inventory letter only. ALL tags must be easily located including wall hung items.
• You will receive an inventory sheet that must be completed prior to installation. This sheet will help us track your sales and report back to you. Instructions will be included with this sheet. Please retain a copy for your records.
• We reserve the right of refusal at installation if work or display does not meet show criteria or standards. All fees are non-refundable.
• Attractive display cases/pieces are required and should be stable. They must be marked with your name and ID number to ensure their return to you when picking up your unsold work.
All tabletop spaces will be draped with black cloths. Artists will install their own items. PLEASE ALLOW SUFFICIENT TIME TO INSTALL YOUR DISPLAY. You may want to “practice” at home in your 2 or 4 foot space. We reserve the right to move/adjust/edit displays to meet our presentation needs.
Jewelry artists must provide their own boxes or bags. If they are not part of your display, please place them in a bin or clear bag (Ziploc) with your name and assigned number marked on it.
• This is a “cash and carry” show. If an item is sold, we encourage you to replace it with another similar item at no additional fee or store extra inventory onsite.
• Business cards or flyers may be displayed within your designated area only. Please make sure they are professionally printed and in an attractive stand.
• Please call or email for a sales report. Commissions are based on total sales and are paid at the end of the show by PayPal direct deposit or check (see below for rates).

All items MUST be available for sale and committed for the entire length of the exhibit – you may opt to change out/replenish items as often as you’d like by appointment only.


Items sold are subject to commission fees dependent upon pre-tax cumulative sales totals.

$1-$99= 15% members
$100-$199=25% members
$200 & above=30% members

Sales tax will be added to the price of work sold. Collection of payments and remittance of NJ Sales Tax will be handled by BelmarArts. All artists with sales commissions of $600 or more per calendar year are required to furnish their SS# or Tax Id# to BelmarArts. A 1099-MISC for taxable income will be issued by BelmarArts for sales commissions of $600 or higher each January. All artists will be notified weekly via email regarding sales of their work during the show. Commissions are mailed or direct deposited to a PayPal account within 10 days after you retrieve your unsold work.

Liability Disclaimer:
BelmarArts will make every effort to treat your artwork with care. However, artwork is submitted at the artist’s risk. BelmarArts will not be held liable for lost or damaged work. (This includes shoplifting). Artists are responsible for insuring their work from delivery to pick-up.

Media/Press Release:
BelmarArts reserves the right to use digital images of accepted and exhibited entries for the sole purpose of media and website PR and advertising. Digital images will be those photographs taken by BelmarArts staff and press photographers.

If you have any questions about this show or need more information,
please contact Julie @ Designs with Juls:

If you need assistance completing your application online or submitting payment:
Please call 732-749-3360 or email: