2018 13X19: A Photo Exhibition

13X19: A Photo Exhibition

A Juried Exhibit

The BAC would like to thank all of the photographers who entered the 2018 13 x 19 Photo Exhibition.
Our jurors, Merry & Freddy had challenging decisions selecting 50 photographs from the 132 submissions.
For those pieces that were not selected, please remember this is a subjective process. Do not
let it deter you from continuing with your passion, keep on clicking and keep on submitting to
other shows.
Congratulations to the following photographer for being selected for the 2018 13 x 19 BAC
Photo Exhibition.

Marilyn Baldi——————————- Ghost Town #1

Marilyn Baldi—————————— Ghost Town #2

Scott Basen—————————————–At Peace

Scott Basen———————————Morning Vision

Michele Bogrette————————————— GWB

     Michele Bogrette———————–Manasquan Reservoir

Katie Bohnert———————————– Snow Angel

Katie Bohnert——————————— Clairvoyance

Carmelina Carra———————— Morning’s Palette

Carmelina Carra—————————— Misty Waters

Matthew Cherekjian———————————— Hair

Dana Cohoon———————Angles, Curves and Lines

David Colby————————————— Purple Sky

David Colby——————–Moving After, Time Square

Steve Cotter ——————————————-If Only

Vincent Dicks —————————-Exploding Splash

Susan Dugan———Looking Up Into a Hot Air Balloon

Jim Fennessy—————–American Majesty In Flight

Constance Foley————————————- Soldier

Constance Foley ————————————–Marley


Michael Greco—————————————- Vanish

Michael Greco ————————————-Remains

Michael Greco-Philadelphia & Reading Railroad Bridge

Barbara Halpern-Cohen——————– Zion at Sunset

Fil Madzin——————————————- Leconte

Joanie Mansfield—————————– Triple Threat

Joanie Mansfield———————————- Red Leaf

Vince Matulewich—————– Himalayan Blue Poppy

Patrick McCarthy———————————- JSS3532

Fran McCloskey—————————- Out of the Blue

Sarah McGovern ———————–St. Francis Church

Dona Palmer———————————– Just Wing It

Frank Parisi———————— NJ Transit has Issues?

Richard Rappleyea————————— winter stroll

Kevin Rau———————————————- Hills

Kevin Rau ————————————-Dream No. 2

Lou Rissland——————————– Next to the fog

Lou Rissland———————————– Shell Prints

Mike Reynolds————————— Boxwood Drops

Tom Rostron —————————-Alone in the City

Tom Rostron————————– As The Day Begins

Jeanne Schneider———————– Teton Reflection

Jeanne Schneider——————– NYC Skyline Night

Mark Schwartz—————————– Caceres Spain

Mark Schwatz —————————-Trees in a Field

Joann Selvaggi———————————– Hot Rod

Richard Stopa————————————- Farrier

Donna Turner——————————– Sleepy Eye

Elina Veybeman——————– Upward to the Sky



EXHIBIT DATES: Wednesday, October 17 to Friday, November 16

ARTWORK PICKUP: Friday, November 16 from 1-5pm & Saturday, November 17 from 10am-1pm

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, October 20 from 5-7pm


Merry Brennan

For more information about this juror, click here.


Freddy Clark

For more information about this juror, click here.


Sales and Commission:

All images in this exhibit must be for sale and will have a sale price of $99.

Art sold is subject to a 30% commission fee for members and 40% for non-members. Sales tax will be added to the price of work sold.  Remittance of NJ Sales Tax will be handled by Belmar Arts. All artists with sales commissions of $600 or more per calendar year are required to furnish their SS# or Tax ID# to Belmar Arts. A 1099-MISC for taxable income will be issued by Belmar Arts for sales commissions of $600 or higher. Commissions are paid at the close of the show and buyers will pick up purchased work after the show is completed. Please elect one artist per entry to receive the commission if work is sold.

Liability disclaimer:

Belmar Arts will make every effort to treat your artwork with care. However, work is submitted at the artist’s risk. Belmar Arts will not be held liable for lost or damaged work. Artists are responsible for insuring their work from delivery to pick-up.