2018 THE YOGA OF CREATIVITY – an experiential journey

INQUIRE WITHIN© A self-discovery intensive, on and off the mat

Saturday, July 28, 2018  

8-12:30 pm

Registration closes July 25

$100 BAC members /$125 non-members Paper & Art Supplies included in price.

There have been some significant shifts, astrologically speaking, that will impact everyone for years to come and I encourage you to attend a Salon for Astrological Discourse to understand it better

The chart posted here shows the daily transits occurring during our workshop.  It’s a Lunar Eclipse weekend, which feels like a good time for a mid-summer pause to me.  I take all this into account in planning our activities. It seems to work out well when we align ourselves with current cosmic cycles.

So, come be with us on Jul 28 at Yoga & The Creative Self   We’re going to explore creativity.  Where it comes from, where it lives in your body, and how you express it. We’ll be doing some specific yoga practices to energize and catalyze our body/mind/spirit for the day’s events.  We will spend a brief bit of time going over the astrology.  Bring your natal chart if you have one. Not required.

The Workshop will include: gentle hatha yoga and various off-the-mat activities such as:  dyads, art, journaling, astrodrama, expressive movement & meditation. No hatha yoga experience is needed.   Call/Text if you have questions. For more information & articles on yoga therapy & astrology please visit: www.ifcullen.com  

July 25 Deadline for registration.  No walk-in’s will be admitted.

In addition to the Yoga of Creativity workshop, your registration also includes TWO FREE optional classes at instructor Ida’s private studio! Located in Loch Arbor, just north of Asbury Park, The Sanctuary is a safe and sacred space where self discovery is encouraged, deep transformation is possible, and healing can occur. Please see below for more information regarding these classes.

Your registration includes 3 Classes:
Friday, July 27th at 6:30pm- This class is to prepare students for the next day’s course and will be located at The Sanctuary.
Saturday, July 28th at 8:00am- Yoga of Creativity class will take place at Belmar Arts Center, located at 608 River Rd.
Sunday, July 29th at 10:00am- This class will be used to come together and reflect on the previous day and will be located at The Sanctuary.

Program Facilitated by:  Ida Cullen, Certified Yoga Therapist & Astrologer.  

35+ years experience on and off the mat.  National Speaker & Presenter.

Please visit website for more.   www.ifcullen.com


This program is open to all students (21+ over) of serious self-study (svadaya).  Curiosity seekers are welcome too.

It is suggested that you have some familiarity with Patanjali’s 8-limbed Yoga path.

Yoga of Creativity Registration

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