Joe Benning / Evocative Photos

Joe Benning focuses on travel, urban and street photography. His photography seeks to captures the essence of a scene or moment in locales around the world. These includes settings ranging from the quiet solitude of Ha Lang Bay in Vietnam and the rice fields of Malaysia to the bustle of cities like Shanghai, Singapore, New York and Paris. His photos are available for licensing at Evocative Photos.

Joe also operates a Travel and Photo Blog that provides ongoing observations, photos and commentary from his travels.

Instagram:  @joe.benning

The Forbidden City, Beijing, China — April 3, 2016. Tourists explore at the top of the Forbiddem City. Editorial Use Only.
Bali, Indonesia — February 28, 2016–Woman carrying produce in a basket on her heasd at the Besakih Temple, Bali Indonesia. Editorial Use Only.
New York, USA — April 28, 2017 — A police officer directs traffick in Manhattan while a pedestrian looks on.
Looking down the Saone River in Lyon, France, at dusk.
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam — March 24, 2016 Tour boats thread through a narrow passageway among the rock formations in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.
Golden glow of the morning sun on the Siene and Eiffel Tower on an clear Autumn day.
The sun sets over the Pacific Ocean as seen from the shore in Maui