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Where we are:
The BAC is located in the Boatworks building on the corner of River Road and 7th Avenue, near the RR tracks. This is parallel to where the Rt. 35 bridge goes over the Shark River. Many GPS’s tell you that you have arrived or to turn off of the bridge when you are about half way across on Rt. 35. The map below is often confusing… River Road actually diverts off Rt. 35 at 7th Avenue then makes a sharp left and follows the river to Main Street, where it becomes 5th Avenue. Unfortunately, you can only turn off Rt. 35 at 8th Avenue with the new bridge, so if you are traveling on Rt.35 you should then turn off at 8th Ave. and then go to east to Main Street where you turn left and go one block to 7th Avenue; turn left onto 7th and go one block to the BAC, which is on your right at the corner of 7th and River Road near the RR tracks. If you are traveling on Main St., turn onto 7th Ave. and follow above.