Sculpture Garden & Labyrinth Opening Ceremony

Saturday, June 2nd 5-7pm
Come Celebrate with us at the dedication of the Belmar Arts Sculpture Garden and Labyrinth!
Refreshments and music will enhance this fun event as we invite you to follow along the garden path and
view the wonderful artworks on display and meet the artists.
The following artists will be featured in the Sculpture Garden:
Lisa Bagwell
Michael Miller
Mike Grindell
Steve Harrison
Louise Krasniewicz
Linda Baran
Jim Aberle
Dorsey Lucas
Alexandra Martin
We will also be having a special raffle for the historic Freedman’s Bakery sign!
Tickets are 1 for $5, 3 for $10, and 7 for $20
All tickets sales for the raffle will support the Belmar Arts.