2019 Learn How To Use Your Digital Camera

Monday, January 14th

6:30 – 9:00pm

$75 BAC member/$90 non-member

Are you intimidated and frustrated by the number of buttons and dials on your camera? Is reading the manual like a foreign language, and those how to videos just make it worse? Are you tired of trying to “figure it out” on your own?

Michael S. Miller has been sharing his passion of camera’s and photography with hands on workshops for years. Michael will answer your questions and help you to unravel the mystery of the amazing camera you have.

You will leave this workshop with better knowledge of your camera and the confidence to take it off of “auto” and become more of a creative photographer.

This workshop is for mirrorless and Digital SLR Camera. This is an excellent pre-requisite course to future workshops, as the first step to photography is understanding how your camera works.

Topics covered:

  • Functionally of your camera
  • How to set your ISO
  • How to set your F-stop (aperture values)
  • How to change your shutter values (shutter speeds)
  • White balance
  • Focusing (manually & auto modes)
  • Focus test and how to use your diopter
  • Learning to use your indicators (light meter)
  • How to properly use, hold and release your shutter 


“Thank you for organizing such a well run and fun workshop. I learned so much and appreciate your patience as I navigate through my ISO’s and F-stops.” – Charlotte D.

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