Temperature Matters!

A photography fundraiser workshop for the BAC

Date – October 3rd, 6:30 – 9:00pm
$20 donation for BAC members/$30 donation for non-members

Color and Temperature / White Balance

What is it all about?

Temperature matters and thanks to Tom Rostron, “Your Indoor Climate Specialist” of Tom Rostron Co, Inc Heating and Air Conditioning for his generous discount on installing a new HVAC system at the Belmar Arts Center allowing all of us to stay cool and warm in our creative environment.

Visions is raising the Temperature! in which your donation of $20 (or more) will go directly to the cost of our new HVAC system. If you can’t attend this how-to class your donation to the HVAC fund would be warmly appreciated.

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Did you know that color has a temperature too?! If you want to know about color temperature, then you need to know about the kelvinº scale and how we use it in photography known as “white balance” in your camera. Michael Miller will discuss and explain how temperature or white balance affects the mood and atmosphere of your photograph. How you can use it technically and creatively in camera as well as in post processing. Bring your camera for this hands on learning experience!

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